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     Why are you in Vero Beach, Florida?

     Because we can be. Frankly, we've found few places on earth that are as clean, comfortable, fun, and inviting as our home in the sun. We enjoy living here. Our Clients who live and work nearby know what we mean.

     Surely, our "remote" Clients enjoy their occasional trips to the tropics - 11 major airports are within 200 miles of Vero Beach.where we talk business over a grilled dolphin sandwich and fine-tune business strategies while pursuing billfish, hoisting a mainsail, or chasing a golf ball.

     Our out-of-town Clients find solace in the systems we've developed to make certain we provide them with top-flight day-to-day service. Here are some examples of the ways we stay in touch:

Client's Online
Contact Center

We build a private, password-protected website for you. We regularly post work for your review. You can check the site 24/7 from anywhere in the world, leave your comments and suggestions, and we'll follow up quickly. (Your site's portal is found on our web site under the "Access" link.)

FTP Site

To transfer large files back and forth, we provide a private File Transfer Protocol site exclusively for your use. (We'll even show you how to use it.)

Live Chat

Our website is equipped with a Live Chat monitoring capability. Don't be surprised. You could be online checking your work when we "pop in" to see if we can do anything to help you.


We regularly use simple web-based teleconferencing to facilitate one-on-one communications with remote Clients. For more formal teleconferences, we use an outside conferencing center.

Phone, Fax,
and Email

Yes, we still rely on these "low-tech" tools as well. To make it easy for you, we provide toll-free numbers linked directly to the team members you need most often. We'll even give you our toll-free fax line.


Of course, the courier services all know how to find us.  UPS, FedEx, DHL. We're on a first name basis with all of them.  (Bob, Caroline, and Mike, respectively.)

Personal Visits

When we need a face-to-face meeting, we're available. Your place or ours. Access is easy. Melbourne International is 35 minutes away. Palm Beach, Orlando, and Sanford are all about 1½ hours away. Plus, I-95 and the Florida Turnpike roll right by our neighborhood. If you come to visit us, bring the kids and stay at the Disney Vero Beach Resort or Gloria Estefan's posh Costa D'Este Hotel.

     Our systems work!

     In fact, many of our staff members belong to our "eTeam." They work from their remote locations and "connect" to the home office using the same tools used by our Clients. As a result, we get the best available talent, even if they live on the other side of the planet. And you get something that matters most.




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